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Rammstein In The US? Yes We Can...


With a major tour about to kick off for Rammstein this coming November, a looming question remains: Will they come to the US this time around? While no one seems to know the answer yet, a lot of chitchat is circulating around the websites regarding this ongoing curiosity. And with many of the tourdates as yet unreleased and unknown, I have decided to gather my thoughts and ideas regarding this matter.
Let's deal with the pooh-poohers first. 'Rammstein can't tour the US because Till got arrested at a show in 1998'. 'Rammstein can't come here, not enough people would go see them'. 'Rammstein hates America, so they wouldn't come here anyway'.
To all of this, I say this: Enough with the bullcrap, already!!
Let's look at the Volkerball DVD. The shows (in terms of audience attendees) in London and Japan are much smaller venues than those taped in Nimes and Moscow. But, look closely at the smaller audiences - is there any less excitement, just because the the halls aren't as big? There are some advantages to fewer heads in the crowd, too - how many people do the band members really see when the concert is crowded to bursting? Yes, maybe they see that chick in the 50th row, the one who just flung her shirt off... a bad example, perhaps, but I am just making a point.
'Rammstein hates America'. People: Where is the evidence of this?? If one is going to base this 'Rammstein hates America' nonsense on ONE song that they did ('Amerika'), perhaps it is time for them to make an appointment with Dr. Ruth Westheimer. Apparently they still have some kinks in their closet that still need to be ironed out.
'Till Lindemann was arrested in 1998 for the 'Bueck Dich' performance...' Oh, please - put it away already!! I recently visited another website (will not mention it by name, but for those in the know it's the one that falsely reported Till was leaving the group last year)... and the commenters were going on and on about 'the incident' from 1998. As far as I am concerned, this is OLD NEWS, FOLKS - and I certainly hope that Rammstein will not allow one bad experience (the cause of which, for them, was just another day at the office) to affect any future possibilities of them revisiting us. Yes, it did happen - but it's OVER so let's leave it in the past where it belongs. I find it somewhat bothersome, that people are still bringing this up on the eve of new material coming out. Everybody - just let it be.
With all of this said, however, it would nonetheless be to Rammstein's (actually whoever does their tour bookings) advantage, to be familiar with our laws and customs before setting sail for America. Unquestionably things are a little different over here, as compared to other parts of the world - but that shouldn't automatically mean that they can't do shows over here! Maybe some modification would be necessary for the American leg of their tour; maybe they wouldn't be able to use all the fancy, elaborate pyrotechnics, or simulate orgies up onstage. Maybe their American performances would have to be a little different... I am getting into unknown territory now, but I am just throwing out ideas. With a little creativity and a healthy dose of 'homework' done well before the fact, I see absolutely no reason why Rammstein cannot come here. And again: Just because shows done here don't look like those done in Nimes, Moscow or Berlin doesn't mean that they can't be high-quality, exciting, memorable, and well worth the price of a ticket.
We have been neglected over here for TOO DAMN LONG... and I intend to use my cyberspace voice to bring these guys back to our shores, at long last!
Laser beams are legal here, aren't they...? ;)

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i heard rammstein was banned from america ( america sux) cuz they used to much fire in their concerts and someone got caught on fire ( for being a dumbass) and till went and visited him in the hospital. i would also like to point out that the reason that person got caught on fire was his fault because till is a liscensed pyrotechnition and he knows what hes doing sooo ya... and i think its also a racial thing with america and rammstein because there german ( which i think is stupid) cuz i also heard that they were called nazis too, which i think is dumb and people love to make up shit.... personally i think america just needs to stop thinking there the best country cuz i think all the countries r the same no better no worse, but i do agree that maybe america is too snobby to other countries. i luv rammstein i wish they'd come here more often but i understand y they dont ( stupid american ppl) because till is an amazing singer, and i think rammstein makes wonderful music. ich leibe rammstein!

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Thats un true. They are only banned from one state. Not from the united states in general, they just played new york city.

Flake and Oli are both anti american. They don't hate the people, but they think the country has no culture, it's just a mash up of everything and when you come from a country that holds cultural things so highly you tend to not like that which doesn't.

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the only person from rammstein that hates america is flake, ( but i luv u flake)

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George Bush signed a law back when he first came into office banning Rammstein from playing in the US because their concerts "cause riots." That's the reason why Rammstein doesn't tour in America is because they're banned.

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well that's false

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thats 100% wrong. He did not sign that, they just played in new york city.

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Rammstein shouldn't have to change their act, if they change their act its just not Rammstein and trust me American Rammstein fans deserve the full frontal experience that is RAMMSTEIN


Anonymous's picture

as we speak, Rammstein is touring America ^_^

Anonymous's picture

Yep, they also toured america last year as well. I read somewhere that it had to do with their idea of america not wanting to see the band - like there was not a demand for it. That was part of the reason they played madison square garden at the end of 2010 - it was a "test" to see attendance and reaction and that show was sold out. Shortly after that show, they booked an american tour in 2011. It was highly successful and they are touring america even more extensively this time around in 2012. It's a shame they weren't here for over a decade prior to 2011 considering they are getting older and you have to wonder - especially with a greatest hits cd / tour - exactly how much longer they will be around. I went to both tours in 2011 and 2012 in Chicago and they were absolutely awesome and packed as well. I hope they keep coming back for as long as they are around!

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