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Do You


Hot Midwest Rapper T.A.G.performs his song "Do You" from his debut album 'On Dat Swing'. The highly anticipated album 'On Dat Swing' from this Indiana resident was released worldwide March 2012, this song being one of the top singles on the album. With crazy energy and unmatched lyrical flow, T.A.G. is one to watch for.

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"Faire l'amour"


Faire L'amour (Marc Morlock)

Faire l'amour c'est comme une chanson
apres quelques instant c'est fini
mais quand tu t'rappelles
la melodie,l'amour est vrai pour toi
c'est pour toi que j'ecrit cette chanson
l'amour c'est la vie pour moi,et la vie c'est l'amour pour toi

Faire l'amour c'est comme un repas
on mange beacoup,l'amour toujour

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Laughing at You feat. Barack Obama (CAMDEN)


Mississippi's Plot to take over THICKENS.......... CMD Da Bastard Professional revolutionary. Foul mouth bastard. The original source of common sense. Follow the movement. Beat Maker. Moneyholics ENT President. Follow @baldfaceliar on Twitter

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Joe Chicago and the Supercherries - Starfish


Have you ever though of making it with Starfish?

Da da da dada
Da da da dada...

This is a video made by Joe Chicago for the song from his album "Surfing Cuties". A surprisingly fresh and origininal collection of tunes.

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We'll Be Alright Music Video! Lot's of FX!


Hey, I'm new to this site so I'm not sure how things work around here! Forgive me! I'm a music video director and just want to share my latest video. It's for an artist in Poughkeepsie NY named Theory. Hope you like it! Took forever! I'll be sure to post a "making of" as well!


- Jarek Zabczynski

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