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Alter Ego (Everybody Has One)


After working with DJ Noize, DJ to platinum selling artist "CHINGY" on his "Who Is BLKRAW" Mix-tape, BLKRAW is back with his brand-new album titled "Alter Ego" This album is backed by a mixture of energetic beats, poetic rhymes and storytelling. BLKRAW gives us his life testament in “Alter Ego”. As a listener, it’s hard not to share his struggle, fight and determination to become legendary.

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Bassanova & Moradzo feat. Calibe – Like A Star


The new video release from Bassanova & Moradzo featuring. CALIBE - 'Like A Star'. Calibe's scenes for the Electro-Reggae track were shot in Miami by Latin music video director and popular photographer Mike Montoya, while DJ/Producer duo Bassanova and Moradzo filmed their part in Holland.

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Unicorn Gabe - Ride the Rainbow


Come along with me and ride my rainbow!

I've been rapping for trillions of years along with DJ Merlin. His beats are tasty like Dragon Stew.

Check it.

My dope lyrics

ja check it
unicorn gabe in your house

5 trillion years ago, i was born
my dad was a rapper, my mom a unicorn

my horn, was formed from a stalagtitey
and it changes colors when i get excitey

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Bassanova & Moradzo ft. Calibe "Like a Star"


A really fun song with a really fun video. Sounds very Euro as it should. The producers are 2 Dutch DJs shown in the video. The singer is Jamaican living in Miami. The video follows their misadventures after they drink "Irie Electro Tonic" which turns them all into superstars.

Enjoy a laugh with it. See more at

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