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The Story Of A Blind Rapper And his Younger Brother/Teacher


Paranormalent were created of two blood brothers "K.Ghost(Malcolm Samir Henderson) & Ghostmann(Mario Nelson)
-In the summer of 2006 the two young artiest lost their father on June 26. Young rapper Malcolm Released "Both Sides" Double disc cd. Containing 17 tracks on one cd and 17 on the other the album was to talk of the good and bad sides of life,
Malcolm then introduce his older brother Mario to HipHop at the age of 18 Oct. 31 2006 a year later after Mario losing his eye sight. The first track Mario accomplish was “Wipe tears from your eyes using sky is the limit then releasing his first single track titled “Get Up”
-2007 Was the worst year. Family separation due to their father's death trying to find a way to pay bills became stressful to their mother. Malcolm behavior in school changed drastically. Their Mother begin to use drugs due to pain and stress. The young mother had no way to cope with her inner unhappiness, which then led to worse issues that would change two of her sons lives forever.

-2008 Malcolm his older brother Donte was place in foster care, where they spent a lot of time bonding the two brothers never got along during adolescence. Mario did his best to keep in touch with his brothers but was denied access to them a lot of the time.
Malcolm traveled from foster home to foster home until he reached his 3rd home. Young rapper stated "It’s good to finally get a home where we can feel the love. The wired thing was the love and comfort was from a white family. Our past homes were with black families and I was treated like I was the reason Im in foster homes. I dealt with abuse hunger and locked out most the time just because she hated me.
Malcolm had spent a lot of time crafting his music putting his pain sadness hate and anger in his Lyrics in his music and has gain many FANS
Malcolm says" It’s hard being Malcolm but when I’m K.Ghost it’s like nothing matters I’m know from the time I step on stage to the time my songs end I’ll be appreciated and able to inspire many who has the dreams I’m working on as well. I aint famous but they treat me like I am feels good"

-2009 Malcolm linked back up with his older brother Mario (Ghostmann) And Spent weekends at a time thanks to Malcolm’s foster Mom Janice Hill who mothered Malcolm after his two bad encounters with past foster homes taking him to and from Richmond.
Ghostmann (Mario) couldn’t wait to show his younger brother how good he’d gotten since their last encounter, and surely THE BLIND Artiest.
Mario’s brother (Malcolm) was everything he hyped himself to be , Worked on mix tape the summer of, 09 name "Ghost town Vol. 1 "Which was a success with Single
He performs at many open mics "Flow Hard” Mario (Ghost Mann) is what you call a "determined dream Chaser” Many say. He’s blind and raps with a Format.
As an upcoming in the music industry, Mario has been through a lot as well as his younger brother/teacher Malcolm. He’s been homeless, heart-broken, deceived and let down by many, however never letting it get him down. The Blind artiest made and makes a way. Mario (Ghostmann) says "Whenever I get to the point where I don’t know what I’m going to do, I drop to my knees and give it to god and instantly a way is made."
Mario took his mother in when Family turn her down, come on a blind guy? Many would say but it’s true. Mario says "I took her in because that’s mom man I know we had our ups and downs but that’s mom"

-2010/Nov: Mario and Malcolm lost their mother which was a detrimental thing that happen.
Malcolm the baby of 6 brothers was hurt beyond measure. It mentally set him back as many objectives and goals.
The young artist had met up with Def Jam Icon Erick Sermon who promised him a Dream that never happen.
Malcolm (K.Ghost) and Mario (Ghost Mann) decided now is the time to work with one another together doing so, the y have accomplished more together then they have as Solo artist.
Not letting one failure be the cause to of many other instead making that one failure the reason why they succeed more.
They are known as PARANORMAL ENTERTAINMENT There music is not of the norm
Far From Anything your use to hearing . They Rock, They Rap , They can even Rnb it out and sound like they
profession in whatever genre they choose to make music in. They have done three Successful shows at Qball Where Dj Cathy Lynn from Thunder 101.5 "First choice Entertainment "Gave them The Highest Praise As well as hosted 2 Of their shows and get this... "SHE DOESN'T DO HIPHOP." In fact the club they performed at isn't a hip-hop crowd but LOVED Paranormal Entertainment and invited them to do another the following week. On July 2. 2011 Paranormal Open up for Rock Band "Super Bob" At Q Ball And Moved The Crowed Amazingly ! Paranormal is LLC'd And have currently Finished Mix tape "REFIX Vol.1" which will be released on July 15th Also was on live Independent Radio station in Atl Riding dirty Radio 89.3 beat break radio and also performance at apache café every Tuesday > Paranormal was invited to perform at in Atl. Ga Middle School

2011. The EPK Feat. hit single "CAN'T BREATH" Feat. MOON from 106 & Park Will Be Released July 26th 2011. Who are they? You may asks if You don’t Know by now I’ll tell you
they are Official They are Original They are PARANORMAL ENTERTAINMENT LLC.

Contact Information
Mario Nelson -804-221-2754

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malcom is an amazing guy...i love him with all my heart and im soo proud of him everybody support my baby !!!