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Evestus - Voices


Check out the heavy post-processing! And on top of a well shot story-based video - basically a nice wide-angle HD clip is followed by a worn VHS style footage etc. Like looking at a pretty usual music video on a variety of drugs... Some use of the go-pro camera is seen - like in the prodigy's "smack my bitch up" video, that does not make it any less trippy.. I think if this director got some budget, she could really make some great looking videos!

Music - Evestus
Video - Grete Laus
Released - 15th of Nov. 2012

If you dig this, check out the other Evestus Official music videos - all by the same director and you can feel the distinct style in her strange stylings and over the top post processing. (Except for "Sleep Forever" that was minimalist, black and white and ultra-realistic.. to the point it became too disturbing for me to watch..)

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