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Doubla J - Transform (prod. by MURLO) - Official Music Video


here's a link to a shoking short-film-music-video-hybrid. soca mixed with dancehall from Doubla J and MURLO!

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Who’s holding you back?


Steven Pressfield tells us that “a professional acts in the face of fear” and that amateurs think they must first overcome their fears to do great work. He goes on to say that “fear can never be overcome” and the professional knows it. He knows it and acts on it, not letting fear intervene with the work that has to be done.

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A Music video shot in Vancouver BC for the british artist Calvin Harris.

In another world, two girls working in a black and white film factory discover the existence of Colors... with waterguns full of paint...

Written and directed by: Dimitri Soru

Starring the two amazing Kinga Gorski and Destiny Kuo.

Camera Operator and Editor: Thomas Smith

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Music Inside Us


Everyone of us has music inside. And it is not an abstract statement, but scientifically proved fact. Molecules of DNA "sound" inside us and it is very important if music from outside is in keeping with music inside us.

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Eternal Experimentalist Moby


Moby, obviously, refers to those music figures, infiltrating the show buzz for a long and serious presence. His music is experimental, without comparison, which has a charm of it’s own. Though hardly posing as a handsome seducer, he may cause the world go round, playing haunting themes. His personality fascinates and perplexes, as being rich in ideas he experiences their constant enhance.

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