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Evestus - Voices


Check out the heavy post-processing!

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Tony Jacobs - Someone Better feat. Jaye


There's no denying Tony Jacobs is constantly reinventing his sound, something the artist seems to pay ode to with the release of his record, ‘Someone Better’, four years after his first album debuted and the recent mixtape ‘The Immigrant’.

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"Scumbag" YellowFever


Music Video from Las Vegas electronic artists YellowFever.
A High Energy House track that gets the dancefloor moving!

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Cold Wind Blowing by Daniel Schamroth


Official music video of 'Cold Wind Blowing' by Daniel Schamroth. For more info on Daniel visit

All Rights Reserved Daniel Schamroth Music 2012

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Oleg Prodeus "Savior" Official Music Video


"Savior" is a philosophical and dramatical
music video about the dual principle of life.
This is a fictitious story about the falling angel
and his painful eternal life on this earth,
because he has to exist dually: to be close to,
and to have distance to mankind,
to love them very deeply and to hate damning.

Concept, Visual Concept, Direction, Production,

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(Im Leanin) DJ Rapid Ric Feat. A3, Craig G, and ESG


Editor: A-Town Productions
Producer: DJ Rapid Ric

Make sure to check out this collaboration of these houston artist

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"Only Time Will Tell" by Daniel DiCriscio **Official Music Video**


This is the Official Music Video for "Only Time Will Tell" (Live) performed by Recording Artist and TV Personality Daniel DiCriscio, and featuring Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County.

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Cuckoo Wrasse - Lo Lo Lo


Official Music Video for Cuckoo Wrasse - Lo Lo Lo

Artist: Cuckoo Wrasse
Track: Lo lo lo
Vocals: Angela C Heywood
Instruments: Matthew Davis
Composed and produced by Matthew Davis
Mixed by Sketchy B
Filmed by Laurence Dutton and John Scrivener
Edited by Nik Voigt

Make up/Hair: Catalina Rayo Palacio
Costume and set styling: Jessica Aviva Levy

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Music Video Fire Flies


A TC Productions Music Video by Melza J ft. Kayla Bailey

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"Canyons" by The Cast Before The Break


I am a recent college graduate and have just released an official music video for a signed indie rock band. I directed, wrote, and edited the entire production. I can't express how much time and effort it took to accomplish this; therefore, I want to show my hard work to as many people as possible. The story of the video expresses my perception of the song.

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