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Doubla J - Transform (prod. by MURLO) - Official Music Video


here's a link to a shoking short-film-music-video-hybrid. soca mixed with dancehall from Doubla J and MURLO!

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Critic-Cal ft. Shaniqua - Short Attention Span


A movie critic with a short attention span. Who expresses himself in rap.

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Moby, Bloc Party, Brazilian Girls | Tuned In Ep. 5


In this episode of "Tuned in with Nic Harcourt," Nic features some hot new tunes including Bloc Party's new single "Mercury," and new albums from Plastilina Mosh (ALL YOU NEED IS MOSH), Brazilian Girls (NEW YORK CITY), Moby (LAST NIGHT), and JEM (DOWN TO EARTH).

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7 Songs with Fewer Than 35 Words


1. "Fly, Robin, Fly" by Silver Convention has only 6 unique words

2. "Hava Nagila" is a traditional Jewish melody with only 10 words

3. "Everybody’s Gotta Learn Sometimes" performed by Beck has only has 20 unique words in it

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