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Gangsta Rap


Rap singers dominate above representatives of other musical styles in number of shootings, fights and wrangling. Illegal past of most rap singers is a common place. They are rumoured to push drugs and sell armour. I believe this reasons the style's aggressive character and its close relation to a real everyday life. The history of rap's development, therefore, sees myriad criminal appalling stories.

The most popular altercation in the history of rap is regarded a confrontation between 2PAC and Notorious B. I. G. These rappers are rumoured to invoke a West/East coast war in the USA. The conflict emerged from numerous reports on spouse infidelity of Notorious BIG's wife, who betrayed him with 2PAC. The reports hit the headlines, which sparked a war between the celebrities.

On September 7, 1996 after the boxing match 2PAC was shot at several times in a drive-by shooting. He was placed on life support until his death six days later, on September 13, 1996, at 4:03 PM PDT at the age of 25. In a year's time an unknown person drove over to BIG's car on the street, rolled down his window, drew a 9mm blue-steel pistol and shot numerous rounds into Biggie's chest. He was immediately rushed to the medical center, but was pronounced dead in half an hour.

In 1999 a highly publicized shooting in Club New York, where P. Diddy was partying with girlfriend Jennifer Lopez and protege Shyne threatened to derail Diddy's career, the seemingly unstoppable force was acquitted of all charges in a 2001 decision that put then 22-year-old Jamal 'Shyne' Barrows behind bars for ten years for his role in the tragic fracas.

The most popular white rapper Eminem was arrested twice in June 2000 on gun charges. The rapper was nabbed by cops for carrying a concealed weapon and assault after fighting with a man he saw kissing his estranged wife Kim outside of a club. He also got popped for brandishing a weapon during a parking lot beef with members of the rival rap outfit Insane Clown Posse was hit last year with probationary sentences in both cases.

Threats over Eminem's dangerous behaviour were in vain, his guns turned out to be unloaded. It looks like you have to follow certain rule in case you sing rap. Modern rap tendencies force you into a fierce and uncompromised appearance.

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I don't think it's a coincidence that rappers seem to get into a lot of trouble. Rap is a competitive sport but at the end of the day its just music. Its like rappers feed in to there own bull and it spills over into every day life.