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Wedlock Witnesses


Directed by Eric Njoroge
Screenplay: Paul Allgood, E.Njoroge
Music: Wedlock
P.Allgood,B.Smith, L.Whitsel-BMI
©2010 Kounterfeit Records.

I like this kinda material- still think some of the damage might be worse than we think, not to bring people down, though!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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Made To Fly


We all have dreams but only a few of us have the drive it takes to reach your dreams, Flawless was told for many years it would never happen he would never even come close. He used that negative energy & used it as fuel even though this sounds like a cliche, Flawless has overcome a small state like Rhode Island were few people are open minded some tend to be more negative than the average human.

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Celadon Candy-St.LouisBluesy_"The Undercutter Dance"


Celadon Candy fan doing the "Undercutter" Dance.It's funny to me 'cos I'm on the same message board with her.She cracks me up, and it's cooooooooooooooooooooooool!

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Celadon Candy- Undercutter


Directed by Heather Dollar(Dollar Productions)
©2011 Defamation.

You're the hole in my umbrella
The soaking wet behind my ears
The bloodstain on my name
The same disease I've had for years
If I went to see the doctor
He would say to stay away
But why should I heed advice?
(The hospital charges twice)

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Jonas Sees In Color - Help! Help!


Jonas Sees in Color is an American rock band from Greensboro, North Carolina composed of members Ryan Downing, Jonathan Albright, Michael Deming, John Chester, and Jonathan David Owens. The band released their debut, self-titled album, Jonas Sees in Color, in September, 2009 and toured relentlessly in support of it.

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Money Fame & Love - Wasted ft. Jonny Price & Tristan Parris


Money Fame & Love - Wasted ft. Jonny Price & Tristan Parris

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Flawless Real Talk Feat.Chris Brown-Spotlight


Flawless Unleashing personal feelings & emotions on this track..
"Look.. Sometimes I feel like my Music is worth dying for
then I have this moment like What the F*ck am I trying for
Wondering if its me been weird or if its my fault
cause I choose a career that every one is applying for
keep the grind up we don't get no sick days
get a beat write a hit make sure that this sh*t straight

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Rammstein In The US? Yes We Can...


With a major tour about to kick off for Rammstein this coming November, a looming question remains: Will they come to the US this time around?

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Flawless Real Talk Pressure 3


Sometime you have to be real with people & tell it like it is...

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Milla Jovovich | There Aint No God For Dogs


I thought the song was genius and very humorous, really admirable and made me realize how much confidence a person would have to have before getting up to do what she did. She must be a naturally... really... untouchable personality. A maz ing personage! Its a shame we are all so damn visceral! Thank you for the song Milla, your light years ahead by just being yourself! Something most of us never master.

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Baba yetu


Baba Yetu which is Swahili for "Our Father" and it's the Lord's Prayer sung in Swahili with abunch of Africans sounding instruments and rythms...

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Flawless Real Talk- Runaway


Real Talk Vol.3 Intro
This song is very lyrical with mixture of rap styles. Let us know What you think!

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10 music videos that should have been movies


JoBlo published top 10 music videos, that should have been movies, in their opinion. Should or not - decide yourself. Any way these music videos are great, aren't they?

JoBlo list:



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If I was a girl The Cellophane Flowers


Music promo for The Cellophane Flower's magnificent, transcending single 'If I Was A Girl'. Thomas Stimson
shot at the CavendishArms in Stockwell on a budget of £100!good shit!

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Amazing Remix!!


I normally like to put up songs but this video was posted on youtube 2 weeks ago or so & it has become very popular over 3.5k views in about 2weeks! I just had to share this with Musicbabylon! please leave your feed back on your opinion of this video.

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Tornero - 1000 Träume weit Antonia aus Tirol


Antonia aus Tirol - Antonia from Tirol

She is the pop-queen in germany and present here new hit " 1000 Träume weit Tornero".
Hear it and give your vote. You can also find Antonia on Myspace and leave a comment.

Antonia Fanservice

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Summer 2009 - Fans an Friends with Antonia (1000 Träume weit - Torneró)


If you like it - vote please!!
Palma de Mallorca - Bierkönig - Oberbayern

Jeden Sommer von April bis Oktober könnt ihr alle eure Lieblinge am Ballermann live erleben.
Mehr auch unter: - oder on Myspace:

Thanks for all comments

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What MUSIC are you listening to in your ipod, cd player, dvd player or 8 track player ????


1.The Coasters...Rhinohandmade 4cd set

2.Glen Campbell LEGACY 4cd promo set

3.Eric Clapton at the Shoreline 9-21-1988 dvd concert

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Absolutely epic surrealism music animation


Venetian Snares - Szamár Madár

This is the most intricate synesthetic work I've ever seen, not to mention some of the best cello work.

If you like it, also try D-F-R

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On My Own


Ever had your heart broken?

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