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Dangdut Music Indonesia


Who does not know dangdut? The music that this one was never timeless, from childhood ear is familiar with this unique musical, sung everywhere, whether performed directly or through media such as TV, Radio, Tape, VCD or DVD.disukai many people, both from remote villages to urban, young and old.

At the event or activity, it will not be ritually pure when no music or dangdut nyayian, even to the point of bringing dangdut singer from another area if the place is no dangdut singer. If dangdut has been recited trust and believe will be many people who go dancing, so the more festive atmosphere, so-called folk music dangdut.

But we know that dangdut is only there in Indonesia? Dangdut music is also a native of Indonesia. That has twisted dangdut music are unique and distinctive as well, until now never out of date, even some dangdut singer who has been working since many years ago still exist today, penyayi barupun entrants emerge with a new genre of music dangdut. Dangdutpun is starting worldwide. Surely this should make us proud that indinesia have special music native to Indonesia.
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