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French Gigolo (Janovski from Paris)


The French Gigolo is in love with style and fashion. A proud character, he is also amusing and humorous. His rap matches his style. Courtesy of and

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Sexy Girls Make Flawless a Video to one of his songs


Flawless's sexy fans make him a video on one of them girls night out more fan videos at

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Flawless Real Talk Pressure 3


Sometime you have to be real with people & tell it like it is...

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Waldron has just released New Exclusive Music Entitled "The Take Over" Get your Copy Today! It is available for preview and purchase at link right here Thanks! God Bless

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Flawless Real Talk- I Wanna (live)


Check out Flawless Real Talk performing "I Wanna" Live in Wenatchee,Washington as apart of the #LostCitiesTour
Follow me on twitter @FlawlessRi

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Wedlock Witnesses


Directed by Eric Njoroge
Screenplay: Paul Allgood, E.Njoroge
Music: Wedlock
P.Allgood,B.Smith, L.Whitsel-BMI
©2010 Kounterfeit Records.

I like this kinda material- still think some of the damage might be worse than we think, not to bring people down, though!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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"Have I Done Any Good?" Official Music Video ft. Alex Boye and Carmen Rasmusen Herbert


Official Music Video, "Have I Done Any Good?" featuring World Music Chart artist, Alex Boye, and American Idol Finalist Season II, Carmen Rasmusen Herbert.


Have I done any good in the world today?
Have I helped anyone in need?
Have I cheered up the sad and made someone feel glad?
If not, I have failed indeed.
Has anyone’s burden been lighter today

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Made To Fly


We all have dreams but only a few of us have the drive it takes to reach your dreams, Flawless was told for many years it would never happen he would never even come close. He used that negative energy & used it as fuel even though this sounds like a cliche, Flawless has overcome a small state like Rhode Island were few people are open minded some tend to be more negative than the average human.

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NAD - Prince of Babylon [Extended version]


This is the official Video of NAD's debut single "Prince Of Babylon"

Artist: NAD
Titel: Prince of Babylon
Label: Babylon-Music
Music Producer: Frank Sieben [F7], Herbert Boehme
Video Production: Magnet Studios
Director: Mohsen S. Madani
Lyrics: Dante Thomas, Sohrab Behrad, Garen Mehrabian

Follow Babylon:

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On My Own


Ever had your heart broken?

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Celadon Candy- Undercutter


Directed by Heather Dollar(Dollar Productions)
©2011 Defamation.

You're the hole in my umbrella
The soaking wet behind my ears
The bloodstain on my name
The same disease I've had for years
If I went to see the doctor
He would say to stay away
But why should I heed advice?
(The hospital charges twice)

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Rammstein In The US? Yes We Can...


With a major tour about to kick off for Rammstein this coming November, a looming question remains: Will they come to the US this time around?

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Lilyphone - There I Said It


Painted with coffee and cigar ashes...... Video for the Lilyphone track "There I Said It" from the album "Heavy Coat".
More info on

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Jonas Sees In Color - Help! Help!


Jonas Sees in Color is an American rock band from Greensboro, North Carolina composed of members Ryan Downing, Jonathan Albright, Michael Deming, John Chester, and Jonathan David Owens. The band released their debut, self-titled album, Jonas Sees in Color, in September, 2009 and toured relentlessly in support of it.

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Flawless Real Talk - Spazz Out

One of the best songs out in 09 hear it today & it sounds like it has not age at all.. This is from the Spazz out series any one who like's hard core lyrical music will love this. This is on "Let the music speak" Mixtape @

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Kazstarbran Fallin


Its All Good Just Another Day Chillin Getting In Some GooD Breeze

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Machine Gun Kelly music video "salute"


This is a under dog "Rocky" -ish theme. "Salute" is the second song on Machine Gun Kelly 's album "Laced up" produced by Lil Red. -THIS ONES WAS FOR THE FAN!!
Directed by: Manny-Mac of Manny Mac Productions out of Charlotte, NC. Com cheack us out or contact (PR) Whiteny-

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Amazing Remix!!


I normally like to put up songs but this video was posted on youtube 2 weeks ago or so & it has become very popular over 3.5k views in about 2weeks! I just had to share this with Musicbabylon! please leave your feed back on your opinion of this video.

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Guitar Ensemble "Our Kindergarten Teacher"


Children are playing incredible, but do they have any childhood?

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Rise of British Punk-Rock


Grunge–bands of 1960s and so-called pub-rock ensembles were labelled processors of the UK punk-rock. All these bands together with development of punk serve as a certain reaction on distribution of the stadium rock.

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